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lets sparkle!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012 | 8:42 PM | 0 Problem

assalamualaikum kepada saudara dan saudari,,semoga berbahagia ~ :)

okay!! I have been trying to be inspired for YUNA'S SPARKLE PROJECT,,but i'm quite slow on the process,,it's interesting,,REALLY!!
so,, i thought i wanna share it with you all about how to submit your cool ideas ,,
so,,you all juz go to SPARKLE PROJECT,,go to the 'THE IDEA CLOUD' and you'll see this,,

BEAUTY AND DREAMS,,that's the theme of this week
juz click on the "+" sign,,you can see rite ?
then it'll come out like this,,

you can scribble , upload a picture , make a cool video or juz write something interesting,,
ohh,,the song!!! it's nice to hear the Sparkle song,,so juz click at 'The Song',,kah kah kah,,

hahaha,,sja pulun tulis dalam bahasa mat salleh ni,,sure ada salah punya,,hehe,,jgn komen k,,